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The Makkuth homeworld is a cold, rocky, dark place near the far edge of the star’s habitable zone. Plants grow tall and wide, competing for water and nutrition and struggling to get enough light to photosynthesize. The food chain is highly competitive and most species have evolved to be intelligent, aggressive, and highly specialized. Climate ranges from cold and snowy toward the poles to moderate at the equator. Cites have developed everywhere but because of limited resources, they tend to be smallish and spill out of rocky mountainside cave complexes and other natural shelters. The Makkuth still maintain a strong sense of using the natural environment and bending it to their will, rather than clearing it flat and building new. 

The Makkuth tend to be thin and lithe, standing from 5’6 to 6’6, with bulky, loose-skinned heads. They are hairless with skin from gray to purple-red to black. Their eyes are large and tend to be shades of orange-brown, having large black-slitted pupils.  

They see well in the dark and can see the conventional colour spectrum and heat. The Makkuth are pseudo-bipeds, having two front legs and a powerful “spring foot”. They evolved from pack hunters with four legs and a tail. Their ancestors evolved their tail into a “spring foot”, which they would use in tandem with their rear legs to perform huge chase-ending jumps. Their front legs developed into dextrous, multiboned appendages suited for grasping prey and eventually into the Makkuths’ double-jointed, multi-boned, pseudo-tentacles tipped with 4 cartilaginous fingers.

Their front two feet have 4 semi-opposable digits that can be used as un-dexterous hands if they rear onto their spring-foot.

The Makkuth are scientific and intelligent in nature and have succeeded as a race by learning to manipulate and control the forces and creatures around them. The Makkuth are darkly aristocratic and noble, seeming pompous and mistrustful to other races. They tend keep to their own and only travel on business, which is rare. Their trade, external dealings, and diplomacy is generally handled by the Celendriennes.  

Their social structure is based on the strong dominating the weak, the wise exploiting the abilities of lessers. Historically, they have succeeded by dominating other local species and exploiting their strengths. That trend continues as they dominate and exploit each other and other intelligent species. A complex social hierarchy of slaves and social underlings do the work of those above them. Possession of physical items is not considered in personal wealth, the focus is on the control of territory and underlings. Many of their everyday goods are fashioned by slaves and often tend to crudity. Those Makkuth who have a knack and passion for construction are rare but often brilliant in their artistry and dark creativity. Their work is highly sought after by their fellow Makkuth and collectors around the galaxy.  

Have an almost obsessive fear of growing old and dying. They have no concept of gods or afterlife, believing that the end is just the end. The dead are ritually desiccated and mummified, entombed, and maintained in vast burial vaults traditionally carved into the mountains. It is considered horrific to mutilate or disrespect the dead. In their quest to put off death and aging , they participate in self-modification, augmentation, gene manipulation.

The Cessates, or Wither Guard, is the organization in charge of the dead. They are a secretive, powerful, mysterious brotherhood that carves and maintains the passages and crypts (called Wizens) where the Makkuth dead are entombed. The Cessates also receive and prepare the dead for final storage. Their ancient order has in-depth ritual knowledge of quarrying and tunneling, anatomy, and preservation of the dead. The Makkuth don’t like death or the dead and the Wither Guard is held in something between reverence and horror.

Predominantly bearing strong dislike for races other than their own, the average Makkuth spends their life among their own race in the Makkuth Dynasty in the Farrago. The Makkuth Dynasty is partly composed of the Makkuth, the Celendriennes, the captive Pandarans, and other races.

While the majority of Makkuth live under the auspices of the Makkuth Dynasty, some choose to live and travel independently. The world of Letith separated from the Dynasty with the help of the independent Celendrienne world of Amravas and maintains its own government.

Species Spreading Program
The Makkuth have noticed that they don’t spread as fast as other, more sociable species like Humans and Iliene. They have developed an official government program to attempt to propogate Makkuth throughout the inhabited galaxy. Makkuth may choose (for big rewards, like a small Sul for their family) or are chosen (exiled) to leave the empire in breeding pairs in order to emulate the spread of races like humans. It’s very rare and uncomfortable for the Makkuth leaving the Dynasty.