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Located in the Farrago, Pandarus is a fairly cold but stable world with a variety of sub-climates on several major continents and island chains. 

Physical Description
Pandarans are a small, snouted, humanoid race covered in fine black polymer scales. They typically stand around 4 feet tall. They have long, thin, muscular legs that are naturally bent forward at rest and proportionally long and muscular arms. 

They are shifty, swift, strong, and precise. They are neither exceptionally smart nor creative. Pandarans are generally uninspired, inefficient team players but decent manual labourers and fighters, when given proper direction and training.

The Pandarans technological evolution was slowed by constant squabbles among local governments. They had developed to about a “20th century” tech level when they were invaded and conquered by the Makkuth. Their civilization to that point consisted largely of tribal squabbles and wars between countries and clans.  Each tribe maintained its own governmental structure and land holdings shifted constantly through conflict. No single racial government ever developed while the Panadarans maintained their independence.

They are perceived within the other civilizations of the Farrago to be the perfectly evolved primitive, enslaved workers and assemblers. Makkuth Sulies on Pandarus are minor ones and generally not representative of houses in favour or power. The planet’s cities are controlled and work-centric, while the country is mostly work farms and Sulies.

Due to a recessive mutation gene, around 1 in 5000 will be an atypically sized Champion, either significantly larger (on the order of 6 to 7 feet) or smaller (on the order of 2 to 3 feet). In very rare cases, a full-blown and completely unpredictable mutation will occur. Their traditional, primitive culture extolled these Champions as tribal leaders sent by the gods.

They have ancient racial legends that their race will be in constant conflict, regaled by internal and external forces. Their legends speak of relegation to slavery and servitude but go on to say that, in each case, a Champion will set them free. Different tribes prophesize a different Champion, large or small or full-blown mutant. They worship ancient, gnarled gods that walked the stars and brought destruction wherever they went. The legends say that the Putrid Gods were the ones that brought them Champion Gene and the ones that gave the Pandarans their scales, trading their old beauty and purity for salvation and protection.

The Pandarans are essentially fearless fighters, more from lack of concern for their own welfare than an inspired desire to fight and win. Alone, they are energetic but disorganized. They accept immediate direction fairly well and can be trained in simple tactics and strategies.