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This section lists some of the larger, more powerful, or more interesting organizations and treaties in the galaxy.
Crux Inlumino

An ancient and secret sect formed on Caragon during the Dark Age. The Crux believe in the existence of supreme beings and perceive Ataxia to be their physical manifestation. They do not worship the beings directly, seeing them as somewhat separate and remote from our existence. Instead, they respect honour their power and seek to manipulate the Ataxia they emanate into our reality. They perform a variety of rituals designed to capture or focus the power of Ataxia, though their effectiveness has yet to be quantified.

The Dibarro A powerful, independent, and highly secretive trade group that has seemingly been around since the beginnings of time. They deal honestly  as money lenders and speculators, selling trade notes providing high risk financial capital. They are aggressive sponsors of exploration and discovery, though they often ask a high price in return. 
Frontiersmen A group of semi-organized explorers and adventurers that tends to create more spaceport bars than exploratory missions. Lots of retired military join and participate in the organization, maintaining outposts and hostiles and sponsoring exploration and colonization.
The Grey Mist A legendary secret society of political manipulators, assassins, and thugs. The legends say that Grey Mist agents are highly trained from birth, almost to the point of becoming super-human. The Grey Mist use mythical, shape-changing weapons called Darkblades.
Ivorian Storm The culture on Stewart revolves around strength and survival. The Ivorian Storm was a desert clan that took the culture to extremes, developing into an elite clan of philosopher mercenaries. Developing a personal code that verged on religion, the clan extolled the virtues of loyalty, excellence, independence, and inner strength. The Ivorian Storm became an organization that crept through the Farrago and Prodigal Void, teaching the warrior path to initiates and functioning as a diversified brotherhood of mercenaries.
The Kyprian Order Chivalrous guild of do-gooders, protectors, warriors, and wanderers. A "white war order" with a mandate to protect and empower the poor, the innocent, and the forces of nature.
Marbaryssa Keep

During the Dark Age on Tengadi, a group of scribes and scientists, farmers and fighters gathered together with the intent of collecting and archiving the sum of the planet's scientific knowledge and helping pull their civilization through the Dark Age. They built Marbaryssa Keep as their home and defended it and the farmlands around it aggressively. As civilization returned and flourished once again, the organization developed into a guild of scientists and engineers, promoting and supporting their common interests and working together in developing technologies.


The Navigators are a secret society that originated on Epagon, evolved from a pre-historic guild that developed exceptional navigational skills during the infancy of life on the planet. Their ability to get places quickly without getting lost and to create exceptionally accurate maps before the rest of their world could write created a strong, rich, powerful organization that held considerable power for many centuries. The Navigators remained active even after their skills ceased to be unique, maintaining their power base simply because of the influence and wealth they had developed. They spread across Epagon, and eventually across the Prodigal Void, each supporting the other members however they were able. They remain to the modern era an influential organization known to, but not accessible to, the general population.

Pilot's Guild The Pilotís Guild is a union representing working pilots across the known galaxy, primarily throughout the Core Commonwealth, Bjaki Federation, and Spinward Confederacy. It works for profit, politics, and occasionally the good of itís members.
The Relari Coalition Semi-legal and somewhat vacuous criminal organization that originally sprung from an ancient, now-deceased race. The organization begun by the Relari is now made up of a diversified selection of races, spreading silently across the face of the galaxy. They have huge secret facilities in remote locations from which they run their operations through smaller local branches. Local activities range from smuggling to piracy, gambling, and high-interest loans.
SilverVest Large, semi-formal guild comprised of professional mercenaries and bounty hunters. Members tend to be highly trained, well equipped, and prefer stable employers.
Skegslie accord Treaty/trade allowances between Ourii and Makkuth after the Ourii soundly repelled an invasion. Tenuous but aggressively maintained by the Ourii. Helps prevent Commonwealth/Makkuth war.
Universal Trade Pact The UTP is a peaceful independent trade pact governing trade between a number of worlds. It was started to facilitate trade between member-worlds of the Core Commonwealth and Spinward Confederacy. The planets were unwilling to give up their ties to their respective empires but were also more interested in maintaining trade and ancient ties than participating in the politics. The UTP is run by a large administrative force that rivals that of a small empire. Neither the Commonwealth or the Confederacy are particularly fond of the UTP, at least until it benefits them.