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Azatlath Advanced Construction High quality milspec and mercspec equipment. Low morals, high kill-to-price ratio. Major manufacturing facility on Azatlath. Operate in a paramilitary structure and practically maintain their own standing army for security.
Commonwealth Council of Sciences A wing of the Core Commonwealth government devoted to general scientific advancement and product development & distribution. Promote agricultural development on developing worlds. Home on Tengadi, Core Commonwealth.
Drayquin Designs Sturdy, high-quality ships and ship equipment. "Uncommon design from common people", Originally based on Menjur, Drayquin acquired and subsequently took control of its own system, now called Drayquin. One of the defining deals that sealed Drayquin's success was an on-going design and development with both the early Core Commonwealth and Bjaki Federation governments. It involved the co-ordinated design, development, and construction of military starships. The deal with each side was basically kept secret and allowed Drayquin to charge exorbitant fees from both to develop non-exclusive, universally marketable ships.
Elegant Particles Laboratories A corporation of bright young minds from the Commonwealth Council of Sciences specializing in the application of cutting edge physics. Involved in the development of the San Jorge String Drive and still collecting a portion of the sales. They are especially active as one of the Prodigal Void's most active suppliers of rotated particles.
Flint-Grimaldi Smaller organization based around transport and shipping, heavy into farhaul and speculative runs. Buys ships, farm out to captains (boon donkeys)
Gia Estella A tiny young corporation growing unimaginably quickly. Gia Estelle is a young Bjaki woman surrounded by some of the best engineers in the Federation. She churns out incredible, trendy ship designs as fast as the upper class can consume them. Lives on Bjaki
Ignatius Solutions Specialized software development, data systems, computing and control equipment, robotics and droids. Home office on Ignatius, Core Commonwealth. Instrumental in the development of the IntelligNet.
Imperial Design Corps (IDC) Mil spec weapons, support equipment, and starships. The IDC is the development and procurement branch of the Kharkosanth Empire. Their designs often mysteriously filter into "appropriate" civilian hands. Home on Cyarkos, Kharkosanth Empire.
InterSOL Trade Bank The closest thing to a galactic bank, acting as a money-lender, property trader and developer, and insurance broker for only the largest deals around. Formed in Ancient times by a consortium of rich individuals, traders, and small corporations from Bjaki and Epagon with the intent of providing inter-system banking and loans, primarily to fund trade and exploration. From humble roots within Bjaki Federation space, InterSOL Trade would go on to replace physical currency with wireless transactions and data follow. Diversified and decentralized, they maintain a major office on Ennager.
The Lexicon Group General business dealings, corporate consulting, and information buying and selling. General speculation and intrigue for profit. Manipulation of local politics. Software and limited-edition arms development. Industrial development.

The Lexicon Group appeared mysteriously on Menjur, shifting the balance of power in a disagreement between the continental governments of Sarisland and Khekaita, effectively keeping Menjur in the Core Commonwealth. After disappearing again for several years, they slowly and quietly began building a network of both visible and secret offices throughout the inhabited galaxy.

Mirashesh An official government branch of the Yanti Rikiru. It functions as the manufacturing branch of the government and acts a large, aggressive mega-corporation supplying high tech equipment throughout the Farrago and beyond.
Nano-Cybernetix Highly specialized nano and cybernetic equipment and nano-security systems. Originally started in early Archaic times by sharp-minded entrepreneur Lucil Fromm who recruited key minds from the thriving educational and science industries on Memphix. He provided them with the opportunity, resources, and motivation to produce remarkable and functional products for a starving market.
San Jorge Industries San Jorge produces specialized, high-tech, and high-science equipment. They also produce high-quality cutting edge ships' weapons and systems and personal equipment. They maintain a home office in Anabasis, a dual-sun system with their manufacturing, mining, and testing facilities built into the system's extensive asteroid belt.

Originally a consortium of small, specialized manufacturing interests that came together under the guidance of business magnate San Jorge. Originally allowed to operate semi-autonomously, the businesses were eventually re-organized into semi-autonomous departments in order to maximize efficiency.


TLG is the The Lysalothardaris Group, an independent and specialized mercenary group. They operate several "brands" under different names. The Skirmish Corporation specializes in contract fighting and private wars, Cosset Security does primarily bodyguard and defence work, and Fracas does civilian sector work such as defence classes and combat shows. There are unsubstantiated rumours that TLG also runs a "wet work" department.
Trillion A semi-independent co-business venture created in modern times from the minds and resources of both Azatlath Advanced Construction and Nano-Cybernetix. Using the strongest features of each parent company, Trillion produces bio-enabled utility vehicles for military, industrial, and civilian markets. Their vehicles often blur the line between transportation and biot, providing pilotless supply and logistics vehicles, AI-driven mining and construction vehicles, and situationally aware ground-troop assistance biots.
Tzar Industries Beginning with small take-overs of local manufacturers and distributors on the world of Zanya, Tzar Industries quickly became a mass-market supplier. They quickly decentralized away from Zanya and set up manufacturing and supply chains in as many major markets as they could penetrate.

They are now a huge corporation, well diversified in military and civilian equipment and involved in aggressive marketing throughout the Prodigal Void and Farrago. They manufacture and market weapons, ships and ship systems, heavy equipment, shields, drives, power sources. They are a mass-manufacturer willing to flood any market with reasonable quality merchandise. They dabble in mining and industrial development. While they tend to set up operations where their product is to be sold, they have maintained a semi-centralized structure with an incredibly huge administrative, manufacturing, shipping, and design facility on the "owned" world of Halaban since mid-Antiquity.

Volto-Avaiga Amalgamation, Inc Ships and weapons, security equipment supplies and personnel for security organizations, military, and rich people. Maintain a standing army for hire as security forces or as... an army. Major office on Ennager.

Perceiving discord and threat from sources like the Makkuth and Kharkosanth Empire, and somewhat afraid that the Kharkosanth opinions regarding the inadequacy of the still-nepotistic Bjaki Armada, a group of business interests put forth the time and effort to structure and staff an independent security firm. The consortium gathered funds and support and put the fledgling business in the hands of experienced Bjaki Commodore Hurukei Avaiga and astute corporate officer Czerek Volto. Together, they would form an almost legendary bond and build the foremost private security organization in the galaxy.

Zyfinbek Mercantile Major manufacturer and trader of common items. Heavy focus on consulting or development of resource harvesting and processing facilities, particularly mining and agricultural development. They have an enthusiasm for trade development, exploration, and colonization efforts. They run a large shipping operation and broker trade. Major office on Ennager which functions primarily to empower field personnel who make the majority of decisions for the business.