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Relari Coalition

The Relari Coalition is an informal and somewhat vacuous organization that functions as something in between a crime syndicate and an unregistered corporation. Spreading silently across the face of the galaxy, their primary goal is the acquisition of money. They tend to settle into an area inconspicuously, pushing the limits of local laws and satisfying niche markets that appease the local populace while maintaining an easy peace with local law enforcement.

The Relari participate in a variety of activities designed to collect the finances of the universe and make them their own. They buy goods in locations where they are legal and broker their delivery to locations where they are “less legal”. They run gambling and entertainment ventures, particularly on the fringes of society where limits can be pushed and high profits earned. They provide finance for private business interests, asking few questions and charging high rates of return, which sometimes finances illegal activities like piracy and smuggling. They are not prone to violence, as it tends to sour local relations and hamper business, but will respond to individual or political threats through monetary pressure, violence, or quiet assassination.

Stories have it that the Relari were originally an organization from an alien species that lived in the Prodigal Void during the first colonization of the stars before the Dark Age. While their race developed only moderate technology and traded quietly with early races like the Humans and Bjaki, the Relari sect was secretive and ambitious, manipulating the other fledgling star travelers and working them for hard cash. They forged a wide-spread secret empire through finance and diplomacy, eventually initiating members of other races and empires. Over the millennia, their race would die off, for reasons speculated at in a hundred stories, but the Relari organization would live on.

The Relari is run by a secretive group of individuals called the Senate and occasionally referred to as the Sodality. The Senate is an extremely complex web of powerful individuals who run operations within geographic areas. Their structure is complicated and not made public, making it a baffling prospect to attempt to seize or disable local operations by striking at the top of the organization. Most attempt to remain secretive and out of the public eye, though some are relatively outgoing where their individual operations make it prudent. They are generally obscure but accessible individuals.

The Relari is structured around small, independent groups that function within geographic areas with the permission of the slightly less small, independent groups above them. On the bottom, local bosses are often recruited, giving them the opportunity to run their businesses, legal or illegal, within the framework of the Relari structure. The local bosses control the local activities of Relari members and channel money up to the organization above them. They are also expected to respond to special requests from above and facilitate the activities of their superiors. In exchange, they can exploit the power and finances of the Relari organization to fuel their own local activities and are gradually given expanded operations and power within their local area.

The Relari maintain large facilities throughout the galaxy from which their regional operations are run. These include system-wide facilities like Nje 944, where they essentially function as the system's government, to smuggling and entertainment bases such as those quietly condoned by authorities in the Rheanno system.