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  Pilot's Guild

The Pilot's Guild is a professional union representing professional ship crews based in the Prodigal Void. It sponsors the maintenance and establishment of trade and relatively safe exploratory and scientific missions. It is a for-profit organization and involves itself in local politics with its own self-interests in mind. It is particularly active in promoting "The Business" of space travel and trade. It collects dues from ships crews and corporations and uses an extensive database system to arrange contracts for each to work with the other. Members of the Pilot's Guild are expected to only fly for Guild corporations and Guild corporations are expected to only hire Guild pilots, though this is difficult to enforce.

It is a functional and practical union and will use its money and influence to promote those who can help it and to financially and politically harm those who threaten its well-being. It holds a decent amount of sway with its pilots and corporations, both of whom it works closely with, and it is frequently involved in leveraging local politics.

In addition, the Pilot's Guild runs a chain of hostels, hotels, and refueling and supply stations at significant ports which are available to members either for free or at significantly low prices. Non-members can pay to use the facilities.

The Pilot's Guild works under an up-flowing electoral system. Members join a particular chapter and vote for a Local Board of Representatives for that chapter. The Local Boards of Representatives meet yearly to elect both Regional Boards of Representatives and the master Union Board of Representatives. The Boards consist of a President, Secretary, Financial Officer, and Trade Representative. Each position has a structured set of duties and a budget to hire a staff to accomplish the mandate of their position. They can apply through the board to adjust their budget for the year.