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  Crux Inlumino

The Crux Inlumino is a highly secretive organization that has spread throughout the known galaxy, forming local, independent organizations. The fundamental philosophy of the Crux is that mysterious Ataxial phenomenon is a manifestation of powers beyond that of common life forms, that the power of Ataxia can be channeled and manipulated for the good of the user, and that the power underlying Ataxial manifestations is worthy of at least great personal respect, if not worship.

Sects of the Crux Inlumino tend to be gatherers of knowledge, particularly on the subjects of Ataxia, mysticism, and philosophy, as well as studiers of history and political science.

The Crux believe in the existence of intangible and intelligent forces beyond our personal comprehension and perceive Ataxia to be their physical manifestation in our world. They do not directly worship or personify these beings, seeing them as removed from our plane of existence. Instead, they respect and honour their power and seek to channel the Ataxia they emanate into our reality. They perform a variety of rituals designed to capture or focus the power of Ataxia, though their effectiveness is dismissed by the scientific community.

Since prehistoric times, the Crux have spread throughout the known galaxy, independent clans adopting the group's name and passion for the mystic while ultimately forming their own organizational structure and agenda. Overall, there seems to be little in the way of leadership or oversight, with sects ranging from casual enthusiasts to seriously dedicated practitioners. Depending on the location and flavour of the local sects, members of the Crux are sometimes seen as little more than harmless lunatics, sometimes as a brotherhood of bored middle aged men, and sometimes as obsessive and secretive practitioners of dangerous activities. Crux Inlumino clans are generally surrounded by myth and rumour. It has been reported that they control or are controlled by the Grey Mist. It is sometimes speculated that, in spite of their seemingly regionalized nature, a strong and highly secretive central leadership presides over key sects throughout the galaxy.

The Crux Inlumino formed on Caragon, a planet in the Farrago that is the site of frequent, minor manifestations of Ataxia.
As their collapsed civilization wallowed through the Dark Age, a handful of individuals (enlightened, manipulative, or just desperate, depending on your source of information) gathered together with the intent of protecting the weak and keeping alive what arcane knowledge they could. They purportedly developed a variety of techniques for harnessing Ataxial manifestations and built a strong, supportive social network while waiting for a new renaissance to come upon the Valgarad Empire

There are stories of ancient times that cast Crux Inlumino members as heroic sorcerers wielding Ataxia to protect the weak and empower the down-trodden. While these are generally dismissed by most intelligent critics, there is no doubt that as the Farrago emerged from the galactic Dark Age, the Crux was instrumental in the survival and reformation of civilization on Caragon and in the Valgarad Empire in general. As civilization reformed, it turned away from the radical beliefs of the Crux and they slipped into secrecy, their role as protector and reformer changing to that of a silent, enlightened brotherhood.

As time passed and the organization spread throughout the fledgling Valgarad Empire, the organization began to focus on the collection of a variety of mystic, philosophical, and general knowledge. They quietly maintained private libraries and meeting places throughout their sphere of influence.

As foreign powers such as the Skalds and Makkuth appeared and struggled for control of the Valgarad worlds, the Crux Inlumino would function symbolically and logistically as a center of resistance against the invaders.