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Archaic Times
(Tech level 3 - 4)

In archaic times, the warp drive made travel to other systems simpler and faster, bringing some races closer together and others to the brink of war. This was also a time of rebellions when those dissatisfied with the first models of interstellar empire left to forge their own. Energy weapons began to see commonplace usage on ships as grav shields lessen the impact of crude missile and projectile weapons. Great advances were made in the fields of bio-computing and nano-technology, with direct neural control ushering this era out.

Ships of this era were just beginning to be practical vessels for sustained interstellar exploration, commerce, and combat. Ships built at level 3 still relied on heavy armour for both function and reassurance, as the grav shield system was relatively new and untested. Missile and projectile technology began to be supplanted by nicely designed, efficient and renewable energy weapons. Grav drives were commonplace and warp drives became so by the end of the era. Control was still manual, with operators at numerous stations controlling ships systems through various interfaces, generally configurable touch screens and gesture-based systems.

Ryder Skip Drive Invented  
Chaansa colonized The Kayyan Empire discovers and colonizes Chaansa.
Nano-Cybernetix forms  
Beginnings of Kharkosanth Empire Rebel Iliene and Humans leave Bjaki space led by Cyarkos Rhulson, "The Black Admiral". They eventually settle a planet they name Cyarkos, starting the Kharkosanth Empire.
Kayyan Empire - Vrudokin Empire A large Klekken from the Vrudokin Empire has absorbed the Klekken the Kayyans were at war with in late ancient times, discovering the existence and potential of the Kayyans as slaves. They launch a large expeditionary force against Thisheeto to test its capabilities. A prolonged war breaks out.
Toqkwen - Kayyan Empire While the main forces of the Kayyan Empire are tied up in a war with the Vrudok, Toqkwen declares its official independence. It builds the Temple of Toqkwen and raises up its own Emperor. Toqkwen remains an ally of the Kayyan Empire, providing trade and military assistance as the war rages.
Makkuth - Bjaki The Makkuth begin raiding outlying Bjaki settlements in search of habitable worlds and resources. The Bjaki strike back in small engagements.
Kyprians form On the Bjaki world of Caraconcil, a small group is inspired by the legends of Kyprios and Himavat. They rise to fight against the Makkuth and resist the over-technolization of society.
Toqkwen - Kayyan Empire Having finally driven the Vrudok back into their own space, the Kayyan Empire turns on its former colony, sending troops to overthrow the Toqkwen Emperor and reclaim the colony. The War of Succession would rage on Toqkwen for several years until the tired and battered Kayyan Empire would cede Toqkwen her independence. Military and trade ties would be established between the Empires.
Volto-Avaiga forms  
Y'hotha - Skalds Y'Hotha discover Skald. Skald attack, beginning a long and drawn-out conflict. 
Beginnings of Spinward Confederacy Rebels leave Core Commonwealth and start the Spinward Confederacy
Y'hotha - Skalds - Makkuth The Makkuth, through the Celendriennes, approach and ally with the Y'Hotha against the Skalds.
The Lexicon Group forms  
Makkuth - Irukki The Makkuth discover and quickly claim the Irukki as slaves. After a short time, the Makkuth determine that the Irukki are useless as slaves. Interpreting their lack of involvement as weakness, the Irukki seize several cargo ships. They use them to slip into the lightly guarded Pandarus system and seize several more Makkuth warships, which they take back to Tenoxi. The Makkuth send a small force to crush the primitive Irukki. Turns out, the Irukki are really good at reverse engineering and their little ships are bristling with weapons by the time the Makkuth retaliators arrive. In addition, the Irukki are crazy. Their tactics are wild and unpredictable and the Makkuth are beaten up and sent home in flames.
Skald - Irukki The Skalds, unified for a time in their war against a Makkuth - Y'Hotha alliance, hear of the Makkuth defeat at the hands of the primitive Irukki. They quietly send a diplomatic mission to Tenoxi and quickly become friendly. They provide technology and training to the Irukki, expecting the Makkuth to show up any day for further retaliation.
Vrudokin Empire burns out Vrudok  Under the stress and environmental abuse of the Vrudok, their homeworld has finally deteriorated to the point where natural resources are completely impractical to harvest. Little or no life remains on the planet's surface, save a few domed cities.
Skald - Irukki - Makkuth The Makkuth launch a fairly sizeable force to destroy the Irukki. The Irukki wait, freshly supplied, trained, and reinforced by the Skalds. The battle is brutal. The Irukki are once again wild, unpredictable, and spontaneously adaptable. The Makkuth are crushed and the Skalds, frankly, are surprised and scared by the Irukki's wildness and inability to work as a team with other races. The Skald pull out of the system.
Vrudokin Empire - Rafers Vrudokin scout ships from the Czystalo Klekken stumble onto the Coventbourne system. The Vrudok send an invasion fleet to conquer the young race. The Rafers suffer and struggle at first. Many of their ships and domed colonies throughout the Coventbourne system are destroyed. Eventually, they discover how poorly equipped the Vrudok are for hand-to-hand fighting and develop crude but effective boarding craft, essentially manned projectiles launched from massive railguns. The boarding craft would simply crash through the hulls of the Vrudok ships and Rafers would pour out and demolish the ship and crew from the inside. Given the nasty nature of the fighting, the Vrudok would decide that conquest of the primitive Rafers was just not profitable and they would abandon Coventbourne. The Rafers would capture and reverse engineer a number of ships and technologies.
Y'hotha - Skalds - Makkuth Y'Hotha/Makkuth and Skald conflict grinds to a stalemate as resources dwindle. 
Core Commonwealth - Spinward Confederacy Several worlds leave Commonwealth and join Confederacy. There is hostility and armed conflict
Makkuth - Core Commonwealth Bolstered by a casual alliance with the Y'Hotha, the Makkuth begin probing attacks against their "civilized" neighbours. The Core drives back their advances.
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