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(Tech Level 5 - 6)

With great alliances formed and stabilized and young upstarts matured into empires of their own, this was to be an era of conflict. Ship crews shrunk to tiny levels as neural control and universal information became widespread. Energy weapons would reach the hands of soldiers and begin to probe neighbours' defences as resources became key to building and developing new technologies and spreading empires and ideals. The advent of both the string drive and the wormhole key generator dramatically changed the way and speed in which space could be traversed.

String Drive developed .
Ignatius Solutions forms
Rafers Rafers establish domed colonies in the Uppoyen system.
Core Commonwealth Spinward Confederacy Tensions, hatred, prejudice and armed conflicts short of war.
Vrudokin Empire starts the Clutch The Vrudokin Empire begins to build the Clutch, a massive mobile outpost to serve as the administrative and political capital of their empire.
Zvetaku Creed Forms .
UTP Forms Tired of tension and strife between their nominal galactic governments, Hadjel and Zanya, traditional friends, sign a comprehensive trade agreement that paves the way for the UTP.
San Jorge Industries forms .
Vrudokin Empire burns out Cacanto .
Rafers - Ptatl Rafer exploration ships outbound from Uppoyen discover the Ptatl in the Qetlec system. The Rafers are quick to attack. In a series of 4 quick battles, the technologically superior and more experienced Ptatl quickly drive the Rafers back to Coventbourne. The Ptatl occupy the system capital just long enough to make their point, demolishing a great deal of the Rafers' infrastructure and military capability. Then they just pack up and go home. The Rafers' are left to rebuild.
Makkuth Bjaki Makkuth raid Bjaki frontiers.
Irukki - Kharkosanth - Golosa An expeditionary force from the Kharkosanth Empire discovers the Irukki. A "diplomatic" invasion force is dispatched. To the Kharko's surprise, the Irukki quietly agree to join the Empire. The Kharkosanth provide technology and training to the Irukki. The Kharkosanth build the Golosa orbital forward military station in the Tenoxi system and use it to produce more exploratory forces.
Singularity Generator Developed .
Wormhole Key Generator developed .A joint effort by scientists in the Core Commonwealth and Bjaki Federation results in the development of the Wormhole Key Generator. A lab on Tengadi is able to open the first actual small wormhole and susteain it for several minutes. Bjaki scientists on Memphix soon tweak the equipment and calibration procedures to allow small wormholes to be sustained indefinitely.
Rafers - Kayyan Empire Kayyan exploratory forces out of Izwan stumble on Coventbourne. The Rafers are quick to attack and demolish the exploration vessels. The Kayyans respond with an invasion force. The Kayyans are tired by conflict with the Vrudok and by their own War of Succession with Toqkwen. The Rafers are fierce, enthusiastic, and freshly rested from years of rebuilding after their war with the Ptatl. While the Kayyan Empire hast the technology and ability to crush the upstart young Rafers, they are impressed by their fierceness and resourcefulness. Kayyan Emperor Rasanya devised his "hostile alliance" scheme. He staged a massive invasion of the Uppoyen system and was able to capture the young colonies there with little problem. He was able to manipulate the Rafer colonists through their love of war and distaste for confinement, convincing them to join him in an invasion of Coventbourne. Through careful training and indoctirnation of his new Rafer allies, Coventbourne soon willingly joined in an alliance with the Kayyans.
Makkuth Kharkosanth Kharkosanth exploratory forces from Tenoxi run into Makkuth. The Makkuth attack and the Karkosanths declare war. They push into Makkuth space and capture several planets. The Makkuth, through the Celendriennes, enlist the aid of the Y’Hotha and Skalds to combat the “invading menace”. The Kharkosanths are held and agree to back off. A tenuous alliance between the Makkuth, Y’hotha, and Skald remains to defend their common space. The Kharkosanth lose confidence in the Irukki's ability to work tightly as a team. They maintain ties but consider Tenoxi a friendly independent world, similar to Stewart, as opposed to a participating member of the Empire.
Wormhole Key Generator employed The first successfully funcitoning transportation wormhole is opened between Bryden and Tengadi in the Core Commonwealth. The Kobold system launches a formal protest that they were not chosen as the destination.
Kayyan Empire - Core Commonwealth A Kayyan exploratory expedition encounters scouts from the Core Commonwealth. The Kayyans are wary, having dealt with the Vrudok and the Rafers in the past. There is a brief standoff and threats are made. The two empires enter into a long period of negotiation.
Flint-Grimaldi forms .
Makkuth Core Commonwealth The Makkuth Tri-Alliance begin probing the Core Commonwealth with invasion in mind.