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Ancient Times
(Tech level 1 - 2)

A wild, young time in galactic history where the races began to crawl off the faces of their respective planets and reach out tenuous arms to the stars. Different species would approach Empire in their own fashion. Up until now, each had had their own, unique view of what life was about and now they struggled with the views of others. The ancient times were a time where unions and hatreds were formed and reversed rapidly, it was a time where missile met plating and ships crawled through the black void of space and any voyage was a dangerous undertaking.

Y'Hotha Alliance Immasu discover the Ashi-Adacheron and undergo an immediate and lasting merging of cultures.
Bjaki-Iliene first contact Begin working together immediately. Informal union of forces and intent, begin to form the democratic basis for the Federation.
Bjaki Makkuth First Contact and War .
Penetrator bolt developed The Skalds develop the penetrator antimatter bolt and it becomes their defacto weapon.
InterSOL Trade forms
Tzar Industries forms .
Bjaki Human First Contact Begin working together, science takes a huge jump.
Azatlath Advanced Construction forms .
Grav Drive Developed .
Bjaki Federation Forms .
Kayyan Empire launches first interstellar scouts. .
Drayquin Designs forms
Penetrator beam developed Using the gravitational technology, the Skalds convert the crude penetrator bolt weapon to a long-range beam weapon. The weapon will become the weapon of choice in the Farrago and eventually spread to see use throughout the galaxy.
Ptatl Human First Contact Human forces based off Stroud encounter Ptatl expeditionary force from Akilim for the first time. Conflict due to misunderstanding leads to very limited war, dragging in several surrounding planets. At the end of it all, both sides agree not to fight anymore and start trading.
Kayyan Empire colonizes Toqkwa. .
Makkuth - Bjaki Conflict # 2 Exploratory forces from the Bjaki Federation stumble upon Jangijul and attempt contact. The Makkuth are horrified and fighting ensues. The Bjaki withdraw and decide to leave the Makkuth alone. 
Makkuth - Pandarans Initial Makkuth push for expansion, conquest of Pandarus
Grav shields developed  
Kayyan Empire colonizes Thisheeto. .
Core Commonwealth forms .
Makkuth - Skald Makkuth run into Skald, war ensues and ends in stalemate
Kayyan Empire - Vrudokin Empire Small Vrudokin expeditionary force from a reltively small Klekken encounter Kayyan settlers near Thisheeto. A small raid blossoms into war. Thisheeto takes a lot of damage before the Vrudok are driven away. 
Zyfinbek Mercantile forms .