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Vrudokin Empire

Racial Profile
Vrudokin Empire
Capital PlanetShaqua, "The Clutch"
Government Bureaucratic Tribalism
Tech Level Modern
Composition Vrudok
Planets Cacanto
Shaqua, "The Clutch"
The Vrudokin Empire consists exclusively of members of the Vrudok race. Until modern times, the species has not encountered the major galactic powers, remaining isolated deep in the Twilight sector.

The Vrudokin Empire is composed of self-ruling Klekkens, clans that seek to expand their power and control over the universe and other Klekkens within the Empire. The Klekkens work together or compete under a set of rules determined and militarily enforced by the relatively weak Central Administration. Klekkens exist to expand their power base within the loose Administrative Tenants through military, business, and political maneuvering.

The Central Administration is spread throughout the Empire and keeps representatives in each Klekken. The Central Administration is centrally run from the Clutch, a massive artificial outpost whose construction began in early Antiquity. The outpost can be slowly moved with its gravity drives, is well defended, and is capable of survival in deep space. Its ongoing construction is under the direct supervision of Central Administration and, therefore, whatever Klekken runs the Empire at any given time, so it has changed in design and construction methodology many times. It is now eclectic and haphazard with partially completed sections and off-hangs, featuring a variety of internal and external aesthetic changes throughout.

The Central Administration is an odd combination of members of the ruling Klekkens and "lifers", who are almost societal outcasts not chosen to join Klekkens from the mass hatcheries. There is often conflict and disorganization within the Central Administration and the Administrative Tenants are often somewhat inconsistently applied and enforced.

The racial personality of the Vrudok tends to be harsh, survivalist, and at odds with the Universe. Life is competition within a framework. The Vrudok Empire is loose, inwardly competitive, and essentially about spreading throughout the universe and exploiting it as much as possible.

The Klekkens compete for resources and power utilizing whatever means they can conceive of. There is very little sense of limitation or "fair play" for the Vrudok. They do not hold sentimental attachments and tend to be extreme consumers. Planets and resources are temporary things to be exploited, used up, and abandoned.

Each Klekken maintains and controls its own fleet of ships, a combined military, merchant, and resource exploitation force.

The Central Administration also maintains its own independent enforcement fleet. While it will not stand up to the individual fleets run by the Klekkens, it maintains itself as a credible threat. it has the ability to focus on a certain area, hit hard and fast, and disrupt the presumably important activities the Klekken is carrying out. The Central Admin also often has the support of whichever Klekken is currently most powerful, as it is largely run by them. In addition, the Central Admin will also carry the active support of any Klekkens working against whoever the Central Admin is sanctioning. Their ability to hit fast and effectively and wield the support of powerful allies is their chief threat.

The Vrudok have a curious selection of technology. Compared to other empires, their ships and drives often seem somewhat crude. They are limited to grav and skip warp drives, lacking the more advanced string drives and wormhole technology available to the more central empires. Their shields and armours are not as advanced as those of other empires, mostly because they don't need to be. Vrudokin tactics are not limited by the compassions and niceties the other empires tend to display. Vrudoks tend to use stealth, guile, espionage, trickery, and betrayal against opponents. They are also not afraid to disrupt and destroy entire planets and systems if it serves their interests.

They use predominantly missile and fusion-bolt based weapons, as well as railguns and particle accelerators.

They use biocannons and biological bombs that disrupt entire ecosystems. When they find a world they want to exploit, they land what is essentially a barrage of unmanned drones full of life engineered from that on their homeworld, including everything from bacteria and viruses to voracious grazers to aggressive predators. While the majority die off quickly, some remain to completely unbalance the local ecosystem and kill off or stress local wildlife that may otherwise hamper their exploitation efforts.

The Vrudok pose only a modest threat to modern "civilized" craft unless the numbers are relatively high. In a prolonged war, however, the complete lack of morals they display would undoubtedly lead to mass civilian casualties and the destruction of inhabited worlds. Contact with the Vrudok has been limited and most galactic empires wish to keep it that way.

In spite of whatever current politics the Klekkens and Central Administration may harbour against one another at any given time, the unified Vrudok Empire primarily considers itself to be at war with the entire Universe at all times. The Universe is there to be invaded, taken, and stripped of its resources.

To date, Klekkens from the Vrudokin Empire have primarily been at war against other Klekkens of the Vrudokin Empire. During the late Ancient period, an expeditionary force from the Gorro Klekken encountered settlement ships being sent by the Kayyan Empire to their colony world of Thisheeto. The small, aggressive Goro Klekken were quick to see the Kayyans and their worlds as easy slave labour and went to war without hesitation. Conflict would rage for some time, with the superior tactics and weapons of the Kayyans eventually driving the Vrudok back into their own space, though the world of Thisheeto would take a beating in the interim.
In the early Archaic period, the Goro Klekken was abosorbed by the Izbokov Klekken, who were a larger Klekken with a number of smaller Klekkens in alliance. In "going over the books", the Izbokov Klekken would discover the whereabouts of the Kayyans and stage a large, aggressive invasion. The result was again the Vrudok being driven back into their own space.
Conflict between the Vrudok and the Kayyans would continue in lesser form through Modern times.