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Stroud Alliance

Stroud Alliance
Capital PlanetAmbiguous
Government Confederacy
Tech Level Moderate
Composition Human
Mixed Immigrants
Planets Centin

The Stroud Alliance is a very young alliance only a handful of years old, only semi-independent and still officially under the auspices of other governments. The alliance is composed of three planets in the Twilight sector: Centin, Stroud, and Ygnus. Toqkwen is tentatively interested and currently in talks. The members of the Stroud alliance are currently lobbying to join the UTP.

Currently still an official member on the physical fringe of the Core Commonwealth. Debate rages on the planet whether to remain a member or to rescind and become singularly involved in the Stroud Alliance. Much of the controversy rages, not around loyalty to the Commonwealth, but around the most efficient way to exploit the Commonwealth.

Stroud is a dirty planet with an industrial economy and working population, manufacturing a variety of industrial products and processing local minerals.  In spite of its heavy manufacturing, it remains poor and somewhat isolated from the rest of the Commonwealth, both physically and politically. It is often denied the latest technological imports by the Commonwealth based on its rumbles of independence, their being used as bait and political incentive.

Stroud is the loud voice of the Alliance. Stroud is a practical place, a physical place, and a harsh and dirty place. It is determined unashamed.

A recently withdrawn member of the Spinward Confederacy, Centin is currently host to a large contingent of diplomats from several neighbouring empires, notably the Spinward Confederacy and the Core Commonwealth. Small contingents of Spinward Confederacy ships occasionally "evaluate" the system but are kept in check from threats of action by the three Stroud Alliance planets and by the Core Commonwealth, who are not interested in seeing Centin rejoin the Confederacy.

Centin, as a remote colonial world, is still close to its working roots. The economy is strong and diversified, centered around coaxing food from the soil, minerals from the earth, and bringing them all to local market. While Centin, by all accounts, is a bountiful world in terms of producing large amounts of the necessities of life for its own sake, it is also somewhat poor and suffering from being taken for granted by the Confederacy, unable to create a strong export economy without outside help. It lacks the most modern of technologies, primarily because the major galactic players use them for politics over trade. Centin has a strong sense of simple artisanship and quality.

A predominantly Ptatl world that has maintained its independence from the time it was settled. While Ygnus maintains a diversified and independent economy, its independence has somewhat hurt it in terms of technological development and it often lags the major empires in terms of available technologies and conveniences. Ygnus maintains Governmental Colleges like the Ptatl Shivery, constantly evaluating and ranking its citizens and placing the most appropriate candidates in the most appropriate positions. While this is seen as absolutely natural to the Ptatl inhabitants of Ygnus, it tends to drive other races nuts and, to a degree, is a limiting factor in immigration.

Through the Stroud Alliance, Ygnus hopes to diversify its culture and draw in rich corporations and new technologies. It relies on imports of food and technology from both Centin and Stroud. Ygnus also runs an aggressive tourist campaign, promoting both its exotic Ptatl heritage and some of its severe and breathtaking geography to bring in foreign money and trade.

While Ygnus is an independent and self-governed world, the Ptatl Shivery looks upon it with a somewhat brotherly eye and would likely be willing to help in a crisis if asked. While the Shivery would not be quick to help if Ygnus showed a perceived "weakness", they would certainly assist if their brethren were subject to "bullying", natural disaster, or general misfortune.

Toqkwen was originally settled by the Kayyan Empire and quickly broke away to form its own independent Empire. It remained close to its parent Empire in terms of trade, mutual military assistance, and purpose in being. In late antiquity, the Kayyan Empire encountered the Core Commonwealth and began forming ties. The Toqkwens were cynical that a small empire like the Kayyans could be viable and influential as a member of such a large commonwealth and they with-held their support during talks between the two. Eventually, they got wind of the Stroud Alliance quietly forming on the fringes of the Commonwealth and sent diplomats and traders. They are currently uncommitted but positive and maintain open talks and open minds.

The members of the Stroud Alliance are essentially all isolated from their purported allies, both in terms of local financial gain and political power. By withdrawing from or exploiting their old "masters", the members of the alliance hope to maximize their wealth and control their own destiny. The member worlds of the Alliance tend to be somewhat hostile and defensive, perhaps even a little paranoid, when it comes to their former empires.

The Stroud Alliance is building and sponsoring large, aggressive trading centers on the surface and in the system of its members in an attempt to facilitate trade between themselves and with their former empires, though on a much more favourable stance for themselves. The Alliance has rescinded and altered many of the trade laws of their old empires and play host to many questionable traders and trade practices in a blatantly free market. While this is an annoyance to the empires, a number of major corporations see the Alliance worlds as convenient places to trade.

There is no official government for the Stroud Alliance. The leaders of the 3 Alliance worlds meet at their own whim and convenience, discussing and planning a co-ordinated strategy to maximize their place in the universe.

Rumor through the Commonwealth has it that much of the pirate activity around Stroud and its near neighbors are either sponsored by or directly carried out by Stroud and the Alliance. The pirate activity has been predominantly directed toward the Commonwealth but includes activities against the Spinward Confederacy and Bjaki Federation as well. The ships of major independent corporations are often left alone, though not always.