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Zyfinbek Mercantile 
Zyfinbek Mercantile
IndustryResources, Manufacturing,
Civilian finished goods,
Business services
Founded Antiquity
Headquarters Ennager, Prodigal Void
Area ServedVast
Structure Decentralized corporate
Function Efficient
Products Mining equipment
Farming equipment
Finished goods
Transport services
Business consulting
Venture Loans
Resource speculation
Size Huge
Quality Moderate
Divisions Development
Regional offices

Zyfinbek Mercantile is a fairly large corporation, dealing throughout most of the known empires. It is relatively decentralized, empowering regional Controllers and Buyers through centralized knowledge and finance reserves. They are not especially politically involved or motivated, preferring to measure their success through the possession and trading of resources, rather than power or influence. They see themselves as a "common man" corporation, dealing in tangibles such as mining, farming, resources, and practical finished goods. They broker, transport, manufacture, buy/sell, and provide provide financial and structural advice to other organizations, particularly specializing in agricultural and mining operations. 

Pol Zyfinbek was a board-member and executive officer of InterSOL Trade Bank near the end of Ancient times. He disapproved of their move away from their traditional financing of exploration and trade and toward advanced economic systems. The future was bright but his heart was in space. With private funding and through corporate contacts, he was able to assemble a bright, aggressive team of financial and operational experts who immediately opened offices throughout the known galaxy using the trademark Zyfinbek decentralized structure.

Zyfinbek maintains its primary administrative offices on Ennager, where it coordinates its financial and data reserves. The company's most high level visions and priorities are set by the corporate officers here, decided in only the broadest terms. The Ennager office sets budgets for different regions and approves special requests for finance to special projects and spontaneous opportunity. It maintains the massive database constantly broadcast and available to its employees. Ennager is one of the primary training complexes where Agents and Controllers are given ongoing training throughout their careers. The Ennager office exists primarily to empower its field agents. 

Regional Controllers and Agents will best decide how best to carry out the vague corporate direction in their local territory. The regional Controller is the organizer and strategist in an area, doling out finances and supervising his field crew of Agents who act as buyers, sellers, and deal brokers within the Controller's area. Controllers are given virtually free reign in their dealings in a particular area, within the direction and morals set by the Ennager office. Controllers, in turn, will generally act as support to their Agents who have virtually free reign in their arrangement of buy, sell, and trade agreements. Agents, basically, are paid huge commissions to seek out and exploit the most profitable deals in any given area based on its abundant and scarce resources compared with the resources reported to exist in other areas by other Agents. 

Specialized Departments
Ennager also maintains a Development wing based on the Controller/Agent model, though the territories are much larger. Controllers and their agents are responsible for identifying and pursuing developing markets, such as new or expanding colonies where they can promote their expertise in farming and mining and embed themselves into the fabric of the local culture, providing practical equipment and advice at great prices. The Development wing has been known to actually buy out and run mining, agricultural, and other resource-driven operations where it was profitable and practical.

Ennager also maintains a Security department to protect both the central office and the Controllers and Agents in the field. While not the standing army maintained by some corporations, Zyfinbek Security is well trained and well equipped to protect their own.