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IndustrySecurity and Military Supplies & service
Founded Archaic
Headquarters Ennager, Prodigal Void
Area ServedProdigal Void
Structure Paramilitary,
Decentralized corporate
Function Efficient
Products Security and military supplies and equipment
starship, vehicles, systems
Military & security services
Size Moderate
Quality Exceptional
Divisions Vehicles
Personal Security Tech

Volto Avaiga specializes in equipment, supplies, personnel, and services for security forces, militaries, and wealthy individuals. They produce ships and ships' weapons, emphasizing durable interception, patrol, and surveillance craft. Their Services division maintains a standing army for hire as a security or military force. Their products and services are high-end and tailored to the security professional. Beyond simply manufacturing product for sale, Volto-Avaiga has a keen sense of pride in producing quality equipment for those on the front line, fighting for order and stability. Their products are designed and manufactured with the convenience and safety of the final user firmly in mind.

Volto-Avaiga was formed in early Archaic Times by a group of powerful business interests from both the Core Commonwealth and the Bjaki Federation. Given the Kharkosanth opinion on the weakness and inadequacy of the still-nepotistic Bjaki Federation and on the heels of recent conflict between the Bjaki and Makkuth, the corporate interests felt that the sector needed a force that made quality security available to small business ventures and individuals. Volto-Avaiga would be both a financial investment and an investment in local stability. The consortium gathered the funds and support and put the fledgling business in the hands of experienced Bjaki Commodore Hurukei Avaiga and astute corporate officer Czerek Volto. Together, they would form an almost legendary bond and build the foremost private security organization in the galaxy.

Volto Avaiga maintains local offices staffed primarily by Command personnel that function as sales outlets and points of contact for potential customers. They sell hard product through both their own retail outlets and through bulk resellers. Their Services division receives customer inquiries through their sales outlets. They maintain a set of central offices on Ennager.

Specialized Departments
The Vehicles division specializes in the design and construction of starships and outcraft, planetary vehicles,  and relevant systems. They specialize in security-related craft, including surveillance, intercept, and patrol craft.

Their Personal Security Technology division designs and produces high-end, durable, and reliable equipment for the security professional. They market everything from surveillance equipment to personal weapons and protection to specialized database systems and detention equipment.

The Services division provides organized manpower for hire. It rents personal and military-grade security forces, capable of providing personal protection, civil security forces, forces capable of maintaining control and structure in rural and wilderness areas. It maintains both ground personnel and a small fleet of ships.

The Command division controls administration, coordination and communication between departments and handles contact with customers, suppliers, and the "outside world". There is a centralized Command as well as Command representatives in each of the other divisions, both assigned from outside the division or promoted from within.