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San Jorge Industries

San Jorge Industries
IndustryHIgh tech starhip systems,
weapons, equipment.
Some starships and outcraft.
Founded Antiquity
Headquarters Anabasis, Prodigal Void
Area ServedProdigal Void, Kharkosanth Frontier, the Farrago
Structure Centralized Consortium
Function Efficient
Products Weapons
Starship systems
Specialized starships & outcraft
Size Moderate
Quality Exceptional
Divisions Distribution
San Jorge Industries is a design and manufacture corporation that specializes in high-science equipment. They develop and manufacture scientific instrumentation, cutting-edge weapons and systems for starships, and various high-tech equipment. They produce only a few actual models of starships, outcraft, and vehicles. These tend to be highly specialized military or science platforms that show off the latest in their equipment, such as the Abdicat class Deep Research Vessel and Laerinet class Situational Command Cruiser.

San Jorge Industries was originally the brain child of business visionary San Jorge. He saw dozens of small, specialized businesses with exceptional potential but no market share, distribution network, or capital to compete with mega-corporations capable of flooding the market with cheap, run-of-the-mill products. He began forging strategic business alliances between exceptional small interests, slowly leveraging each with the strengths of the others. With the profits he made along the way, he quietly acquired key businesses within the growing consortium.

San Jorge would make his head office in the bleak Anabasis system, which was little more than an enormous asteroid belt orbiting twin suns. He would coordinate a half dozen businesses in a project involving the excavation of several enormous asteroids, the selling of the resultant minerals, and the construction of massive office, refining, and manufacturing facilities within their hollow shells. Members of the consortium were offered access to the new facilities and the services of the other members in exchange for their own services in return. The result was an incredible financial synergy that churned out exceptional, innovative product and spread it quickly to retailers throughout the Core Commonwealth and Bjaki Federation.

The businesses would, for many years, run semi-autonomously under the guidance of San Jorge Industries. Eventually, the duplicated overhead and administration would become too clumsy and expensive to maintain and San Jorge would consolidate as a single, sleek business entity.

The Anabasis system itself is located within close proximity to the Bjaki Federation, Core Commonwealth, Makkuth Dynasty, and Kharkosanth Empire. This makes it practical to maintain much of the production facilities within the single system, shipping to nearby markets. In the past this proximity has lead to unfortunate conflict with the Kharkos and an outright invasion by the Makkuth. San Jorge resolved their differences with the Kharkosanth Empire diplomatically and drove out the Makkuth rapidly with the help of both the Core Commonwealth and Bjaki Federation. They trade extensively with the Commonwealth and Bjaki and to a smaller degree with the Kharkosanth Empire.

San Jorge industry is currently the only private-sector organization capable of successfully installing and calibrating a transportation wormhole. They don't do it lightly, as the difficulty and costs involved are prohibitive.

San Jorge is composed of functional departments that compliment and actively assist each other but are essentially able to stand on their own as business entities. Each department contains the essential design, testing, and market research capabilities to bring product to market on their own. Communications officers within each department, in coordination with supervisors from the Administrative department, ensure that technological innovation and systems are shared throughout the company. The Distribution department finds suitable resellers to move San Jorge's product and develops local outlets where necessary.

Specialized Departments
Harvest is the division that runs the mining and refining portion of San Jorge, predominantly within Anabasis for San Jorge use. They develop and market a line of refining, mining, and construction equipment and are also in charge of the construction and expansion of the physical San Jorge facilities.

The Realization department is in charge of integrating proprietary and third party systems into Starships and outcraft marketed under the "San Jorge" brand. They produce a relatively limited line of ships, focusing on effectively integrating Laureate and Paragon systems into a few exceptionally functional examples of starship design.

The department in charge of the development of weapons and defensive systems for San Jorge is called Paragon. They develop and market starship grade, vehicular, and hand held weapons systems.

The Scientific department develops and markets a variety of cutting edge sensors, scanners, control and analysis systems and equipment the brand name Laureate.

Anziori develops planetary vehicles and systems. They integrate proprietary and third party systems to produce in-atmosphere land and air vehicles. 

The Distribution department is in charge of bringing San Jorge product to market and selling it. They most often sell in quantity to local distributors but will work with the Harvest department to build local sales facilities where necessary.

Administration is in charge of coordinating development and communication between departments, overseeing cash flow and resource allocation, and providing appropriate security for all the San Jorge business interests.