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Drayquin Designs
"Uncommon Design from Common People"
Drayquin Designs
IndustryStarships, vehicles, systems
Founded Ancient
Headquarters Menjur, Prodigal Void
Area ServedMostly Prodigal Void
Structure Regionalized corporate,
"Small company feel"
Function Efficient
Products Starships
Starship components
Size Large
Quality High
Divisions Starship

Drayquin Designs is a manufacturer specializing in the design and construction of sturdy, high-quality, innovative starships, ships' systems, vehicles, and outcraft. They specialize in custom design and configuration, quick and responsive builds, and government contracts. At the same time, they push hard to maintain a "small company feel" with personalized contacts and face-to-face sales. While specialized in larger, particularly government, contracts they are also committed to remaining accessible to smaller customers.

Drayquin Designs started up as a small machining and manufacturing business on Menjur in mid-ancient times. Their penchant for quick and personalized builds quickly drew the attention of and orders from the young Bjaki Federation. They would soon be designing and building an entire set of combined arms ships for the Federation. With no anti-competition agreements in place, they would soon strike similar production deals with the Core Commonwealth. The deals with each side were basically kept secret and allowed Drayquin to charge exorbitant fees from both to develop non-exclusive, universally marketable ships. While neither empire was exceptionally pleased that they weren't receiving unique ships, the quality and serviceability of the ships was enough to keep them buying.

During Archaic times,  Drayquin Designs had gathered the resources and business necessary to make practical a move to their own system. Based on Core and Bjaki recon data, they chose the Ubit 223 system as their new base of operations and renamed it Drayquin. A remote system full of shattered planets, moons, and asteroids the system offered space, privacy, and abundant resources. Drayquin would construct their offices in an orbital station as well as building a massive shipyard, test and development facilities, and mining and refining systems. 

Drayquin sets up semi-independent regional facilities to handle local business. The regional facilities are administered at their highest levels by the Drayquin Adjutancy department. Regional facilities will be set up to handle and produce whatever the market will bear and will off-load appropriately to other facilities or to the central office in the Drayquin system. Each regional facility will have at least supervisory and administrative support from the Adjutancy department. Also common are some defensive and quality assurance representation by the Applied Assets department and some Sales force presence. Beyond these general guidelines, each regional facility is set up uniquely to maximize its presence in the region. Local Adjutant management will work with their immediate central supervisors to set up and maintain an efficient and profitable business presence.

Specialized Departments
Drayquin consists of 5 primary departments.

Adjutancy oversees and coordinates operations between the other departments, handles record keeping, personnel, and cash flow. Adjutancy sets the overall direction of Drayquin's business affairs and includes "upper management" and a large clerical force.
Applied Assets provides operation of Drayquin assets. It runs the Drayquin mining and refining operations, corporate defense, quality and test department, and contract services.
Systems develops and refines ship systems. They are responsible for research and development, market forecasting, and production. They work with Asset Design & Manufacture on integration and realization.
Asset Design & Manufacture develops and manufactures starships, vehicles, and outcraft. They are responsible for research and development, market forecasting, and production. They work with Systems on integration and realization.
Sales is responsible for selling product, through private and government contacts and by maintaining branch offices on appropriate worlds.