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Azatlath Advanced Construction 
Azatlath Advanced Construction
primarily military
Founded Ancient
Headquarters Azatlath, Prodigal Void
Area ServedVast
Structure Paramilitary
Function Inefficient
Products Weapons
Military Equipment
Starship components
Size Vast
Quality Exceptional
Divisions Weapons
Security/Demo Fleet

Azatlath Advanced Construction is an enormous, ancient corporation: one of the largest in existence today. It changed from being a single, industrialized world into a mega-corporation around the time of the original first contact between the Bjaki and humans from what is now the Core Commonwealth. It was expanded and began aggressively marketing to both fledgling empires on the philosophy that when new races meet in the spirit of peace and progress, there will eventually be war -- and anyone around with a ship and gun to sell can make a profit. This spirit of enterprise sets the tone for the corporation to this day. 

The Azatlath corporation makes exceptional products, particularly for the professional military market. They make sturdy, reliable, high-kill, reasonably priced weapons and equipment for the individual up to the starship. They also make exceptional starships. Though they have thousands of design engineers at any given time, they have an unmistakable coldness and almost alien efficiency to the feel of their designs.

Their corporate structure is paramilitary, with subsequent layers of basically absolute command from the top down. Creativity is interjected into the corporation on almost co-incidental terms, with so many layers of command between the making of the executive decisions and the actualization of the decisions that either the commands are passed on so many times that they change filtering down the ranks or those who receive the commands are confident enough in their work to do what they want and let any ripples disappear up the endless chain of command. 

One thing the Azatlath corporation does do, in spite of its lethargic chain of command, is hire excellence. It mandates only the highest, most suitable calibre employee for each spot in its command structure. While this policy is impossible to fill in the grand scheme of things, it does empower select employees to build pockets of excellence that tend to pull up the rest of the organization. There is much regional fracturing in the command structure. For the most part, executive command sets the directives for the entire organization, section by section. Most sections comply blindly down the ranks, with variations due to constant re-interpretation of the original command. Occasionally, regional departments will take on projects of their own volition, sometimes secretly or contrary to direct orders. Regional variations take one of two courses. They may produce increased profits in a region, which results in promotions, raises, and corporate glory. The other possibility is that the projects go awry, in which case Azatlath's private army is generally dispatched and key people disappear.   

Their corporate headquarters are located on Azatlath, originally the world of Hala, which was discovered relatively early in man's quest into space. Relatively fertile and possessing rich resources in terms of flora, fauna, and minerals it was rapidly colonized by industrious human settlers. The Azatlath Clan formed around a family of particularly hard workers whose exceptional people skills soon had them organizing and running the majority of work that occurred on the planet. Azatlath Advanced Construction began to export back to the "civilized worlds" at an incredible rate and soon off-worlders, Human, Bjaki, Iliene, and Balithrim alike,  were moving to Hala to work for Azatlath. An enormous city developed around the various Azatlath production facilities. Both this city and the world itself soon just became known as "Azatlath".  While Azatlath Advanced Construction has facilities located around the galaxy, it continues to  maintain major manufacturing, testing, and development facilities on Azatlath. The planet is a product of years of heavy industry and corporate control. It is dirty, industrial, crowded, "cyberpunk", and shady.

Specialized Departments
Azatlath aggressively maintains its independence through a security force that rivals the military of some empires. The Azatlath Demo Fleet is available for ship and equipment demonstrations and portions can be hired for local skirmishes and wars. Its primary purpose, though, is the protection of Azatlath headquarters and interests around the galaxy. It is not afraid to defend the corporate interest from threats from outside or inside Azatlath itself, though it generally stops short of attacking empires, other corporations, or other potential business partners.

Azatlath also maintains an aggressive Knowledge Division, which rivals the intelligence gathering and espionage capabilities of most major empires. Basically autonomous from upper management, the Knowledge Division runs on a set of directives designed to keep the corporation strong and alive regardless of the activities of all other divisions.